Fort Whyte Alive Fat Bike Race Feb. 2017

Was a beautiful day yesterday out at Fort Whyte Alive in Winnipeg, Manitoba for the 2nd race of the Fat Bike Manitoba race series.  Unfortunately I wasn't racing (lack of wheels) but I was there as pit crew + spectator and since I'm not very good at sitting inside and waiting, I decided to make myself useful and cruise around Fort Whyte snapping some photos of the racers.

A huge shout out to Wayne Bishop of 2 Wheel Revolution (who I finally got to meet in person after working with him a bit last year on the Hector wolf apparel illustrations) who wrangles the goat rodeo of organizing a great event such as this one.  There's a lot of moving parts, people and volunteers to manage and he does it so well.  He's one of those dudes that you want to reach out to and lend a hand once you listen to him talk about mountain biking.  You just know that this is what drives him - the love of the sport and bringing more people together to enjoy it, it's truly contagious.

Interested in the series? Learn more below:

If you're in the photo, grab it, save it + use it!

Windy Gates Speed Shop

Hope everyone had a wicked Christmas and that you weren't overwhelmed by the consumerism and stress of the holiday.  This year I really laid emphasis on giving handmade - paintings, home decor, even a crazy sensory board for our nephew!

I've wanted to paint a truck door for quite some time and finally found the motivation and inspiration to lay some paint down as a gift to my brother Josh.  My brother and I have had a tough relationship over the years.  Growing up we fought a lot, he beat the crap out of me and I did everything to piss him off.  Typical siblings!  However, in the last few years we both changed and for some reason, actually get along.  He was the first one to introduce me to airbrushing and enamels because of his background as an auto body technician.  He's also built me a few things this year that still blow me away including the drafting table in my studio and my patio table with built in coolers.  He's good to me, so I decided he needed something epic! 

The artwork is quite personal as it ties in a bit of our childhood and where we grew up, Windy Gates.  It wasn't a town, a village or even near anything!  It was in the middle of no-where, a couple miles north of the U.S border and a couple miles south of the Pembina Valley.  It was the perfect place to grow up, ride and learn to be creative!