Babes in the Dirt IV Illustration

With their large network to a gold mine of talent, I'm always a little surprised when the girls at Babes Ride Out reach out to have me do some work for them!  I'm always honoured to be part of something much bigger and I appreciate that my clients give me creative freedom once we establish a direction!  

I broke out of my traditional illustration process this year and finally put my tablet I bought last year to good use - this really makes me want to invest in a screen tablet! 


I initially began the project with a hand drawn sketch and defined it a bit more before I brought it over into the digital world.  Once I had the green light on my rough + dirty sketch, I began to ink and elaborate on the scene, leaving enough room for content to be stuffed in.  Following the inking, I added the Babes in the Dirt logo and details and began to colour and add texture layers.  

The final illustration is definitely something different than my previous years work with them but change is good!

Tees and patches will be available at the event!