Fort Whyte Alive Fat Bike Race Feb. 2017

Was a beautiful day yesterday out at Fort Whyte Alive in Winnipeg, Manitoba for the 2nd race of the Fat Bike Manitoba race series.  Unfortunately I wasn't racing (lack of wheels) but I was there as pit crew + spectator and since I'm not very good at sitting inside and waiting, I decided to make myself useful and cruise around Fort Whyte snapping some photos of the racers.

A huge shout out to Wayne Bishop of 2 Wheel Revolution (who I finally got to meet in person after working with him a bit last year on the Hector wolf apparel illustrations) who wrangles the goat rodeo of organizing a great event such as this one.  There's a lot of moving parts, people and volunteers to manage and he does it so well.  He's one of those dudes that you want to reach out to and lend a hand once you listen to him talk about mountain biking.  You just know that this is what drives him - the love of the sport and bringing more people together to enjoy it, it's truly contagious.

Interested in the series? Learn more below:

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