Read // Lois on the Loose

Lois on the Loose
By: Lois Pryce

The quote, "don't judge a book by it's cover" comes into play here.  I purchased the book off of Amazon, not giving it much credit other than the shared enthusiasm for being female motorcyclists.

Well, I shed the terrible book jacket and dived in.  I was only a few pages deep when I made room in my heart for Lois.

Hailing from London, U.K., Lois was an office warrior on the repetitive, predictable, mundane cycle of a 9-5...she craved adventure and seat time on her motorcycle.  She dreamed of riding the Americas and one day she decided she didn't want it to be just a dream.

 The Serow arriving in Alaska

The Serow arriving in Alaska

Lois quit her job, bought a 250cc Serow as her trusty steed and shipped it over to Alaska.  All the while facing the repetitive shock and awe of people she told about her journey, "through Mexico? You'll be kidnapped and raped", "you'll get into an accident", "alone?!" 

Long story short and without giving too much away.  I loved reading about her journey, her struggles, her triumphs and her next-to-nothing knowledge of motorcycles that grew as the miles racked up.  Not to mention the immeasurable respect I have for that 20,000 miles aboard a tiny 250cc dirt bike. Lois has a raw edge to her writing that I really admire and enjoy. 

This book literally had me laughing out loud with her snappy humor, reading excerpts to whomever would listen and inspired me to plan and execute longer motorcycle adventures this summer.

Highly recommend to female riders, motorcyclists and people with adventurous souls that need a nudge in the butt to make their dreams and plans a reality.