F*CK Cancer

48" x 24" Canvas // Mixed Media // Art Resin

Cancer is gnarly disease and nonjudgmental to it's victims.  I have lost an aunt to breast cancer and had a close call last year with my dad being diagnosed in Australia with a tumor in his face, thankfully the second opinion here in Canada came back benign.  I've also had to watch one of my best friends lose her dad to an aggressive cancer in just a few months.  Don't get me wrong though, there are plenty of people who have overcome the nasty disease!  There are still plenty of triumphs and small triumphs to acknowledge and celebrate.

The Fuck Cancer piece was for a fundraising benefit in honor of Fred Taylor.  Fred is only 25 years old and battling an aggressive brain cancer.  Read his full story here, donate to help him and his family ease the financial burden that comes along with treatments, travel and time off work!

I always think of my brother and all the people that helped me with his fundraising event...I don't have a lot of money but what I do have is time and skill to offer. It took me a while to figure out a direction for it...I didn't want it to be a portrait or something unrelated.  I wanted it to ugly, beautiful, subtle, in your face, empowering - sort of how I envision cancer's analogy.

I'm really happy with how the piece turned out but what makes me even happier is helping someone...even if it is a small dent financially, I think the support around him was felt and what I was after!

Still praying + cheering for you bud.