Babes Ride Out // Babes in the Dirt 2

It's a crazy thing, this world of connection.  To be able to work with people from all over, to connect merely through social media and emails but know that you share something much more than passing small talk.  A passion that brings women together from around the globe - if you think about that statement; it sounds like an unreachable goal but Anya and Ashmore, dreamt it and built it.  Babes Ride Out, an all women's motorcycle ride first held in Joshua Tree, California brings women together from all over the globe and now, only a few weeks into 2016 these ladies have a leg up on another milestone by growing Babes Ride Out International.

I'm so honored to be a small part in their global movement of uniting female riders; from contributing to BRO3 with the custom helmet artwork and now, creating the artwork for Babes in the Dirt2 - which being a dirt biker before a street motorcyclist means so much to me!

You can read more about what these ladies are up to for 2016 and find more info on Babes in the Dirt2 by heading over to the BRO website!  I'll be headed out there in April and hope to see you there!