Babes Ride Out // Helmet Raffle


If you're a female motorcyclist you've likely heard of the Babes Ride Out event.  A revolution in women riders gathering together in Joshua Tree, California to ride, camp out and meet other chick riders. 

After seeing a call for artists I connected with the ladies of BRO and agreed to painting a helmet to be raffled off with proceeds going to Moto F.A.M.

Moto F.A.M was created to lend a helping hand to riders who have been involved in a motorcycle accident.  I really connected with their mission, both street and motocross is extremely dangerous.  We know the dangers but that doesn't exclude us from having the best support team possible.  That's why I love the moto community.


After giving a lot of thought and tossing around ideas as to the direction I wanted to take my lid I decided on a theme based on the 90's movie Cry Baby.  I love the story line of the pretty little square, Allison, falling for the motorcycle bad boy Cry Baby, played by the forever beautiful Johnny Depp (who is and will always be my celebrity crush).  I wanted the helmet to be pretty and girly at a glance but when you have a closer look to have a defiant edge.

Very excited to ship this off to California to be won and worn by some lucky gal.  Snag tickets online for the ride October 23 and 24th.  Learn more about the upcoming event here!


Check out the progress video below...